Fractional Vacation Consulting/Brokerage

Peter Kempf International

Full service fractional ownership consultancy offering feasiblity analysis, planning, and implementation, including sales and marketing. Offices in the US and UK. Contact Peter Kempf at +44 0 20 7887 6447 or

David M. Disick & Associates

Advice on fractional marketing and sales strategies and the structure and implementation of fractional vacation home offerings. Contact David M. Disick at (386) 668-5877 or

Ragatz Associates

Most well-known large-project fractional consulting firm in the world. Contact (541) 686-9335 or

Elite Destination Homes

Fractional ownership consulting, marketing, sales and management. (651) 389-3838 or

Tom Goetschius Associates

Tom Goetschius Associates helps developers enter this exciting arena. From initial evaluation of a possible project to consulting services that ensure that costly mistakes are not made to training and sales and marketing, we are there every step of the way to advise, counsel and provide whatever services a developer may require. Contact Tom Goetschius at (407) 342-0178 or

Sherman Potvin—Fractional Real Estate Expert

Project structure, sales and marketing consulting, website offering information (including a book), listings, advertising opportunities. Email

Fractional Life

Fractional Life is has 3 divisions: interactive, fractional conferences and exhibitions and publishing. Its website includes fractional property listings  and purchase advice from over 300 fractional operators.

Fractional Consultancy

London-based fractional project consulting. Contact +44 (0)20 8340 7989 or

DCP International

General project structure and marketing consultants for large fractional real estate projects. Contact (847) 940-7000 or

Star Resort Group

Assists resort real estate developers to incorporate one or more shared ownership formats into destination resort and urban mixed-use development properties, along with their hotel, ski, golf, beach and/or second home components. Contact Carl Berry at (415) 388-4588 or

Hobson Advidors

Work with developers and investors to plan and implement fractional real estate programs including managing the marketing and sales process. Contact Wally Hobson at (360) 823-1512 or

Fractional Villas

A comprehensive approach to packaging and marketing individual properties throughout the world for fractional sales. For information contact (888) 846-3854 or

Harris Fractional Consulting Group

Fractional development and marketing consulting for home owners, realtors/brokers, and developers in Hawaii and the Western U.S., including feasibility assessment, financial analysis, project and fractional conversion financing, project management, marketing, sales, and management. Contact Randall Harris at (530) 888-8675 or

Contact us at or (00)(1)(415) 738-8545. Sirkin & Associates has offices in California, Colorado and France
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