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Sirkin & Associates’ law practice has focused on fractional real estate since 1985, and has been involved in the creation of more than 5,000 fractional ownership arrangements throughout the United States and the world. This breadth of experience allows us to draw on a huge library of fractional project documentation as well as extensive knowledge of marketing and registration requirements for virtually any place where a project might be located or potentially marketed. We pride ourselves on our ability to write legal documents in plain English, develop simple and elegant usage and organizational structures, and offer efficient, reliable and cost-effective services for fractional projects ranging in size from a single house or condominium up to hundreds of factional interests. 

From our offices in San Francisco California, Evergreen Colorado, and Paris France, we have advised fractional home sellers, developers, Realtors, consultants and buyers in most U.S. States, as well as Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Argentina, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Belize and Mexico. Our staff includes attorneys Andy Sirkin, Sarah Clark Hopkins, Rosemary MacGuiness, and Marguerite Sadler, and paralegal/administrative assistants Cam Perridge and LauraJane Johnson. 

Information and resources relating to our other real estate co-ownership practice areas can be found on our main website www.andysirkin.com. Topics include:

Tenancy In Common (TIC) With Exclusive Occupancy Tenancy in Common (TIC) ownership is often paired with a TIC Agreement giving each owner an exclusive right to occupy a particular space (such as an apartment, house or office) within a residential or commercial property. Assigning occupancy rights in a TIC agreement creates an arrangement that feels and acts like a subdivision when legal subdivision is impossible, unaffordable, or too time-consuming. This link leads to articles and resources on tenancy in common arrangements involving exclusive occupancy rights.

Equity Sharing In equity sharing, two parties, an "occupier" and an "investor", pool resources for the down payment on a home. For an agreed number of years, the occupier lives in the home. Then, the occupier buys out the investor or the property is sold. Each owner gets their contributions, and any appreciation is shared. This link leads to articles and resources on equity sharing as well as basic information of interest to first-time home buyers.

Subdivision and Condominium Conversion This link leads to articles and resources on subdivision of real estate and conversion to condominiums. Note that the sale of a parcel of real estate as a tenancy in common (TIC) with exclusive occupancy rights is neither a subdivision nor a conversion.

Investment Groups, 1031 TICs, Syndications and Securities This link leads to articles and resources on real estate investments, including tax-deferred exchange (1031) TICs, limited and general partnerships, limited liability companies, and offering and raising money for real estate investments.

Homeowners Associations (HOAs) This link leads to articles and resources designed for members of homeowners associations as well as the many Realtors, managers, accountants and other professionals who deal with these associations.

In addition to advising clients, Andy Sirkin has personally developed more than 30 real estate projects, and managed a successful real estate brokerage. He is an accredited instructor with the California Department of Real Estate, and frequently conduct fractional ownership workshops for buyers, sellers, developers, and real estate agents. He is often quoted in newspaper and magazine articles relating to fractional ownership, has made numerous appearances on San Francisco Bay Area television and radio, and addressed the Commonwealth Club of California. Andy is the co-author of of The Condominium Bluebook, published annually by Piedmont Press, and The Equity Sharing Manual, first published by John Wiley and Sons in November 1994 (order the book). 

Contact us at dasirkin@earthlink.net or (00)(1)(415) 738-8545. Sirkin & Associates has offices in California, Colorado and France
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