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Analyzing, Comparing and Choosing Among Factional Vacation Ownership Options
An experienced fractional ownership attorney explains key terminology and issues that will help you ask the right questions and make the best choice, from buying a vacation home in partnership with family and friends to buying a share of a private residence club offered by Ritz Carlton or Four Seasons

Analyzing Fractional Ownership Feasibility of Single Home or Condo
Steps to take to determine if an individual home or condo is good candidate for fractional vacation ownership marketing

Fractional Vacation Property FAQs
Learn the fractional ownership basics quickly with concise answers to the most commonly asked questions about shared vacation homes and fractional resorts

Shared Ownership Top 10 Issues
The 10 most important thing to know and do if you own property with one or more others, including co-ownership with family or friends

Fractionals: Timeshares With A Makeover?
Is fractional ownership really the same as timesharing? Get a straight answer in this article

Analyzing Fractional Ownership Feasibility of a Multi-Unit of Resort Development
Steps to take to determine if a multi-unit, resort or hotel development is good candidate for fractional vacation ownership

Fractional Ownership 101
A quick and short introduction to fractional vacation real estate ownership

Logic of Fractional Ownership
Why fractional ownership makes sense in todays economy

Fractional Ownership Terminology
An explanation of the most commonly used fractional real estate ownership terms and phrases

Fractional Ownership Usage Arrangements 
The usage allocation system for a fractional vacation property decides who can use the property when and, in fractional arrangements involving usage of more than one property, which home an owner will visit, and this article explains the most common usage allocation systems and describes their pros and cons

Pricing Fractional Vacation Property
Some tools to help fractional developers, seller and sales agents develop a pricing strategy for fractional ownership interests

Understanding Fractional Ownership Exchange Programs
This article explains the various types of fractional vacation ownership exchange programs and introduces some of the key issues in evaluating these arrangements

Top 10 Tips For Selling Fractional Ownership In Vacation Homes
Almost everyone recognizes that owning a vacation property fractionally is a good idea, but that recognition is usually not enough to generate a closed sale. Here are 10 “best practices” for moving a prospective buyer from initial enthusiasm to signed contract.

Relationship Selling Techniques For Fractional Vacation Homes
This article by David Disick demonstrates how techniques of relationship selling can actively involve affluent purchasers in the sales process and lead them toward a making a commitment to purchase

Selling a Fractional or Private Residence Club Vacation Home in 90 Minutes
This article by David Disick presents some of the challenging Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that must be handled skillfully and without wandering off point lest customers become bored and leave before sales executives have the chance to pose any “closing questions”, and offers examples of how a sales “train of thought” can easily be derailed well before arriving at its destination; then, Model Scripts suggest how sales executives can keep the train steadily chugging toward a fractional ownership or private residence club vacation home sale, instead of being sidetracked—or even derailed—by issues better dealt with later on—or not at all

Familiarizing the Brokerage Community with Fractionals
One of the keys to a successful fractional sales effort is familiarizing the brokerage communities with the overall prominence of fractionals and the profit opportunities for brokers who are knowledgeable in this segment, and this article by David Disick briefly outlines the main elements in that familiarization process.

Sirkin Interviewed on Fractional Property Ownership
This popular podcast provides a broad and incisive discussion of fractional vacation home co-ownership

Fractional Ownership Video Tutorial
This short presentation made by Andy Sirkin to Alliance Francaise in Spring 2010 explains the fundamentals of shared vacation home ownership as well as finer points relating to fractional ownership of homes and apartments in France

Fractional Ownership en Français
Sirkin interviewed on fractional real estate ownership en Français for the Paris-based daily La Tribune

2009 European Fractional Ownership Directive
This new directive applies to fractional vacation real estate and private residence clubs of all kinds, deeded or non-deeded, equity or non-equity, ranging from a single home or condominium to many units, when the property is located in Europe or where marketing is targeted at European residents

Fractional Regulation Guide
Complete text of laws, regulations and requirements for fractional and timeshare real estate sales and projects for all 50 states

U.S. Tax Treatment of Fractional Vacation Property
Tax advantages and tax deductions for owners of fractional vacation real estate, private residence clubs and other fractional vacation property

Taxation of France Fractional Property Owned by Foreigners
Owning property in France raises complex tax issues, particularly when a vacation home is shared or owned fractionally. This article explains the tax advantages and disadvantes of various co-ownership structures for French property

Fractional Articles and Interviews in the Press
Good newspaer and magazine articles on fractional vacation propeerty ownership

Fractional Financing Resources
A list of lenders offering financing for fractional vacation properties and private residence club developments

Fractional Consulting/Brokerage Resources
A list of experts in feasiblity, marketing and sales of fractional vacation property and vacation

California's Fractional Real Estate Law
The full text of California's Subdivided Lands Act relating to timeshares, fractional vacation ownership and private residence clubs

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